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 A concurrency represents a single use of a shared license.  Concurrency-based licenses are more cost effective than per-seat licenses because you only purchase the number that will be used simultaneously.

When a Concurrency is Used

All Office Connector modules require a connection to the Timberline database before a concurrency can be used.  A connection is established once the user has selected a data folder and supplied their operator ID and password.  If Timberline security has not been implemented, then the prompt for the operator ID and password is omitted.  Once the connection to the Timberline database has been established, the timing of when you use a concurrency depends on the module (Query or Write).  If all concurrencies are in use then a message is displayed to the user.

When a Concurrency is Released

Concurrencies are released when the last Office Connector workbook is closed.  Starting with Office Connector 2.2.x it is no longer necessary to close Excel.


The following actions require a concurrency:
  • SQL Editor
  • Import wizard
  • Query wizard
  • Refresh Timberline Data
  • Evaluating any of the Query workbook functions: TSLookup, TSSum, TSFind, TSCount, TSCurrentDataFolder, TSCustomCaption


The following action requires a concurrency:
  • Send Data to Timberline

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