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Event 1 System Folder

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 The Event 1 System Folder is specified during software installation and serves as the centralized location for shared files such as licenses.  To avoid confusion with other system folder concepts during setup, the label on the setup wizard purposely refers to the Event 1 System Folder as the Event 1 License Folder.

Note -Every user on the network should specify the same location for the Event 1 System Folder.

Event 1 Software currently recommends assigning the system folder to T:\Event1, where T: represents a mapped drive on your Sage Timberline Accounting server.  Mapping a drive letter to your Timberline server eases the transition to both Office Connector 2.2.x and also to Timberline 9.5 by avoiding a situation where you have to relicense the software.

If you do choose a different location for the Event 1 System Folder, your licenses will display a status of "Brownout".  Click here to read the knowledge base article regarding Brownout status.

Content updated 12/4/2012

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