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 Getting Started
 Quick Tour
 Exercise 1 - Vendor List
 Exercise 2 - Address Book
 Exercise 3 - Lost Check Report
 Exercise 4 - AP/GL Reconciliation
 Menu and Toolbar Commands
 Workbook Functions
 Workbook Function Examples
 Event Macros
 General Topics
 Office Connector Modules
 Installing Office Connector
 Sage Timberline Office
 Using Custom Fields
 Internal Names
 Custom Captions
 Launching Office Connector
 Event 1 Office Connector Operator Administrator
 Additional Resources
 Error -2147217911
 Error -2147467259
 Error 3421
 Excel Techniques
 Filtering Dates Using the TEXT Function
 Formatting Text Values to Remove Zeros
 Copy Formulas Using the Fill Handle
 Volatile Functions
 Modifying Query Parameters
 Named Ranges
 Insert Function and the Formula Bar

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